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Graeme Kirkpatrick

Governance, Risk and Compliance Advisor


Graeme is a Swiss-based Chartered Accountant, and a member of the Swiss chapter of the CFA Institute with extensive global experience in advising family offices, trustees, global wealth managers and multinationals on financial risk management, business strategy, technology change and regulatory compliance. Graeme is a former Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers AG and has over 20 years’ experience in solving complex challenges with international clients across multiple jurisdictions with centres of interests extending from the US, to Europe, UK, Ireland and into Switzerland.

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In addition to leading large transformation strategies, driving specialised treasury and technology advisory change initiatives, Graeme understands the imperative of robust and in-depth analysis of complex structures to ascertain and memorialise source of funds: both in relation to private clients as well as institutional clients, such as trustees, banks, wealth managers and family offices. In so doing, Graeme is able to bring his considerable experience to bear to ensure that his clients comply with the multi-jurisdictional maze of anti-money laundering regulations applicable to their global wealth sources.