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We strategise with family offices, entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, collectors, artists, trustees, and bankers in navigating some of the key global challenges of our time.

International Tax and Estate Planning

We are experts in advising on cross border tax issues impacting on clients, their businesses and their wealth holding structures.

We advise on pre-immigration tax strategies, international real estate investments, global income tax exposure and estate and inheritance tax mitigation planning.

We have specialist in-house expertise on technical issues such as US withholding taxes and anti-deferral regimes governing non-US companies and trusts.

We are experienced in advising on the tax treatment of offshore trusts from a US (such as foreign grantor and non-grantor trusts) and UK perspective, especially in relation to UK resident non-domiciled individuals.

As part of our cross-border estate planning offerings, we advise on US tax compliant Private Placement Insurance. We advise on all types of trusts and foundations, and on testamentary documents, especially for those clients with assets in multiple jurisdictions.

Compliance and FATCA/ CRS Reporting

With a focus on US and UK tax issues, Helm Advisors proactively assists our clients in navigating their international tax obligations in multiple jurisdictions.

We guide our clients through the complexities of tax reporting to ensure they remain compliant and strategise to avert tax disputes.

We advise our clients on the most robust and effective strategies when tax disputes do arise to achieve the most favourable outcomes for them.

To complement those services, we advise our clients on reporting under FATCA and CRS.

Art as an Asset

We focus on advising and strategising with collectors, family offices, investors, entrepreneurs, artists, trustees, and bankers on all aspects of art as an asset.

Helm Advisors ensures robust decisions are taken in advance of buying, selling, and investing in art, as well as in art finance, where artworks can be used as collateral. This advice may relate to where and when to sell, what price to sell at and in which forum (private or at auction). We also shepherd our clients through the maze of export and import regulations and address logistics and insurance-related issues on their behalf.
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Source of Funds/ Source of Wealth analysis/ dossier for Entrepreneurs, Family Offices, Trustees, Private Bankers, Asset Managers and Private Clients​

We have extensive, multi-jurisdictional financial and legal expertise in analysing and untangling the factual matrix of a client’s source of wealth and/or source of funds. That expertise can be applied for onboarding new clients, and for retaining or relinquishing client relationships.

Working across disciplines, we are able to harness the skill sets of our accountants, lawyers and tax advisors to ensure that we produce a robust source of funds analysis/ source of wealth report on behalf of an enquirer such as a bank/ trustee/ family office/ asset manager or other financial institution (“fact finders”).

Our reports assist fact finders in ensuring that their key decisions relating to client onboarding and/or maintaining or relinquishing client relationships are consistent with their regulatory obligations and take account of ascertainable reputational risks to their businesses. For entrepreneurs and private clients, our services ensure that we can assist them in preparing an onboarding dossier for various fact finders at key moments in their wealth management life cycles.

Helm’s Advisors are skilled at analysing and understanding complex structures. This allows them to ascertain and memorialise source of funds statements to bolster client relationships. By doing so, fact finders requesting such reports can ensure they comply with the maze of multi-jurisdictional anti-money laundering/ KYC regulations applicable to ascertaining global wealth sources

Wealth and Succession Planning Strategies

Helm Advisors works with our clients to develop a bird’s eye view of their assets and the risks they face. This enables us to develop strategies to optimize their wealth holdings, whether personal or business assets or both.

This may entail us advising on establishing trusts, foundations or corporate entities for owning those assets or mitigating any identified risks, or it may involve us advising on putting in place appropriate testamentary documents in certain jurisdictions or concluding US tax-compliant Private Placement Insurance.

Where structures exist, we may advise on performing a holistic review of a structure from a number of perspectives and across multiple jurisdictions to ascertain the effectiveness of a current strategy, with the aim of putting in place a more appropriate one going forward.

Advice on establishing Family Offices and Foundations

Helm Advisors understands the challenges that international families face in their desire to preserve and grow generational wealth and advises them on family governance issues as well as appropriate structures (including constitutive documents/ family constitutions and investment committee compositions) that need to be put in place in order to mitigate the wealth dissipation risks inherent in inter-generational wealth transfer.

Where family offices already exist, we can advise on how to refine their operational governance and current structures to optimise their performance.

As part of Helm Advisors’ services to families, we work with other appropriate advisers to achieve a family’s philanthropic goals and legacies by advising on the establishment of foundations, trusts and other charitable entities

Structure Appropriateness Review

Helm Advisors provides a robust review service for our clients of structures that have been put in place to implement various estate planning or asset protection strategies.

We work with advisors from various jurisdictions to ascertain the appropriateness of a structure for a particular client against the backdrop of the current legal and regulatory framework.

Private Trust Company Structures

We advise a substantial number of our clients on the mechanics of establishing and maintaining Private Trust Companies (PTC) to act as Trustees for their family trusts.

This advice is directed at all aspects of a PTC, including taxation, governance, reporting, risk analysis and trust administration services.

US Immigration Advice

Our immigration services include assisting individuals who want to become permanent residents of the United States, colloquially referred to as “green card” holders, through their relationship with a qualifying family member, a job offer, or an investment. 

We also assist those seeking non-immigrant visas to visit the United States for business or pleasure, attending school or participating in an exchange program, investing in a new or existing business, or engaging in temporary work. As part of our unique platform of services, we also provide in-country consular processing assistance, and advise clients from all nationalities in all visa categories.

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